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Dear members of the list,
I have been using for a while the laptop in the subject and I would like to write something about my experience in case it may be useful for other users, and to ask for some advice for some small issues.
This laptop is a 2-in-1 laptop with touch and detachable screen. At the beginning it was quite difficult to use it with KDE, and quite usable with GNOME, fortunately for me, it is now more usable in KDE. 
Most of the hardware works, besides fingerprint reader (not really needed) and webcam (this is worse, but there are ways to use a cellphone as webcam).
The rotation of the screen worked very well in gnome. In order to work with KDE, one can use I wonder if it can be included in Fedora.
The qt virtual keyboard is not really very usable (much better in KDE), but OnBoard is useful enough.
Sometimes the physical keyboard stop working but detaching-and-attaching solves the issue.

Thanks for reading, Enrique.
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