Re: KDE on RHEL 8 - Okteta package problem

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On 04/09/20 10:07 pm, Troy Dawson wrote:
Opening a bugzilla would be the first pointer.  It makes things like
this more trackable.

But looking at the spec file looks like Fedora has a recommends
gccxml, while RHEL has a requires.
Simple enough fix.
Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks a ton for this. I have installed most packages for KDE on RHEL 8. Everything seem to work fine (on my VM). I had to manually build only very few packages - KRename, Kchmviewer and yakuake (all from Fedora koji srpms).

Regarding Bugzilla entry, where exactly do I file this? There's no Okteta product for RHEL. And filing against Fedora is not really correct as it works fine on Fedora. But is that where I should be filing packaging related issues for KDE on RHEL 8 as well?



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