Re: Release criteria proposal: networking requirements

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[Sorry for the double post, somewhere along the way desktop@ and kde@
were dropped, so I'm re-adding them and that means double post for
test@ and devel@.]

Re: add working mDNS to the criterion

The IPP Everywhere specification requires clients to support DNS-SD
(mDNS is part of that) or WS-Discovery. Printers are required to
support both DNS-SD and WS-Discovery. Avahi and systemd-resolved
support DNS-SD, functionally equating DNS-SD and mDNS.

Final release criterion says printing via the generic IPP driver must
work. This implies discovery or you can't print. Or accept a
craptastic user experience by fudging the requirement to say, well as
long as an IP address works, the criterion is met.

It's even less of a leap if folks can't discover other services like
SMB shares. That's more common than printing.

Between avahi and systemd-resolved, I'm not sure which one is more
dependable for blocking on. Or whether their maintainers would be on
board with such a criterion. At least for F33, Avahi is what we're
using on desktops for this. Both resolve and respond are disabled in
systemd-resolved so if it's better to do this with systemd-resolved,
then it probably needs a Fedora 34 feature proposal.

Chris Murphy
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