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First I should apologize for not discussing this more widely earlier, but in the i18n subproject we recently suggested and requested that there should be a generic 'Fonts' component in bugzilla for Fedora since we often see various generic fonts bugs which take time to determine and resolve and would easily get lost in the broad 'distribution' component.

Currently i18n-bugs is the primary assignee and fonts-bugs is in auto-CC.

I think it can be used in two ways - primarily (long term) for distro wide fonts issues that are not bugs of a particular component (eg discussions on changing default fonts, etc) - possibly triaged from some font component, and secondly when users have no idea what component to file fonts issues under, which then would need to be triaged to a particular font package.

I don't think we will see a huge number of bugs under this component but it should be useful for tracking longer term issues and problems. If this also helps to encourage Fonts SIG activity that would also be a good thing.

Thanks, Jens

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