Re: Tomorrow 19th March is F30 i18n test day

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On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 2:52 AM Jean-Baptiste Holcroft <jean-baptiste@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Le 18/03/2019 à 07:32, Parag Nemade a écrit :
> Hi all,
>    We will be having the Fedora 30 i18n test day tomorrow.

Hello Parag,

thank you (and other contributors) for organizing these test days :)

Here is a bug I don't know how to add to the test days (it's not possible to add "Nice to test"):
There is basically 8 hours of translation work done and that can't reach users.
Using the Zanata metrics (250 words per hour), this means 57 hours of work (for all languages).
This subject bothers me, I like the idea we can translate package description.

I have seen this bug but this need to be directly discussed on #fedora-modularity channel where Modularity people are available to help. I will check where these translations are collected in which Fedora package and will report to that package owner. I don't see those translations part of dnf package installation.

I don't understand how to test:
    I'm stuck at step 6, what are the requirements when using Gnome?
There are no special requirements for Gnome. All the steps given from 1-3 are working fine for Gnome environment. Only if you are using non-Gnome desktop then follow steps 1 then 6 then 7/8 step.

    How can I log into GNOME as root? (is it a good idea? :p)

 Right its not recommended. But for this test case its needed. Maybe Fujiwara-san can add more information in reply to this email. More information about fbterm usage can also be seen in bug and check "steps to reproduce" on how to use ibus-fbterm.

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