Internationalization team plans for Fedora 25

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Hi All,
    Fedora 24 already out :)
    We had our second meeting on planning for Fedora 25 yesterday. Ticket for discussions [1]

Changes planned:
System wide
  • Unicode 9.0  (mfabian and pravins)
  • CLDR sync with Glibc locales (tentative) (mfabian)
  • System wide: Centralization of Hunspell (tentative) (anish )

Self Contained

  • Multilingual ibus typing booster (mfabian)
  • String breakage monitoring script (sundeep)

Other ideas without owner: Some of these might be process improvements.
* Improvements to anaconda layout chooser
* Listing out deprecated/obscure keyboard layout
* Revisit Zanata survey feedback

Let me know if there are any other ideas/improvements plan, we can execute for Fedora 25.

Pravin Satpute

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