#59: tracking of translation string changes

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#59: tracking of translation string changes
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 = description =
 During the G11n FAD in Tokyo, we came up with the idea of tracking string
 changes in Fedora to help catch string breakage and get some visibility on
 translation status.  Initially we would probably target only upstream
 projects that are translated in Fedora Zanata for each Fedora release.

 = reason =
 Currently we have no direct way of knowing when strings change or break
 the freeze in Fedora etc.  This is valuable information for the L10n and
 QA teams, and useful others too.

 = recommendation/goal =
 Create a tool/webapp to track translation in Fedora/Zanata.
 For example it might compare what is in Zanata or Fedora packages vs what
 is upstream in Github etc, and alert/flag
 packages that need new strings to be pushed to Zanata or that have
 translations to be pulled upstream from Zanata.

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