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Hi All,

   We had some initial discussion during Fedora 23 development cycle on this. Ticket No. [1]

   In last one year at least 3-4 enthusiast students came to me and asked, i want to become Fedora contributor tell me how can i start it.

    From G11N perspective, i think its good if we plan our improvement plans for upcoming Fedora release and simply ask new contributor to go through it and ping existing owner or mentor and take over the bug.

   This solves couple of things.
   1. New contributor get list of task planned for ongoing Fedora release. There is good chance that his improvement he can see in coming Fedora release.
   2. He gets mentor as well :)

   There is one second objective behind this. We do lots of changes in Fedora and somehow miss to highlight it. I think this page will give whole picture of improvement plans for Fedora and after release it will be useful for release notes and talking point. We cant do everything with Change proposal. So here it comes.

  I have created Wiki page. [1]  If you are planning any particular activity for Fedora 24. From i18n. l10n or Zanata point. Please mention it there.

Pravin Satpute

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