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Le Ven 25 avril 2014 13:49, Julien Enselme a écrit :
> Hi,
> While packaging SimpleCV (#1070946), we found some included fonts that
> are not yet available in Fedora. I am now on the process of packaging
> them. I am currently focussing on Astloch font. Here is the fontconfig
> file I created for review. I am not sure about the prefix. I guess that
> 61 is OK.
> Bugzilla ticket:
> Filename: 61-astloch-fonts.conf

You need to map the font twice to the generic name. The first so
fontconfig knows it can complete the font with the generic, the second to
tell fonctonfig it can use the font to build the generic

The prefix choice only matters for the second mapping. If you choose a
prefix which is too low your font will be used in monospace before other
more mainstream fonts.

Beware that monolinear does not mean monospace. A monospace font uses the
same width for all letters

> I also guess that I must create a wiki page about the font but I haven't
> found any particular instructions in the wiki. Maybe a copy/paste +
> adaptation of an existing page is OK?

Yes, cut and paste is IT's duct tape


Nicolas Mailhot

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