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The 389-devel mailing list purge is now complete.  For those who want to remain on the 389 development mailing list you will have to resubscribe.

For those who are not familiar with that list, it is just for discussing development and coding changes in the Directory Server.  The 389-users list is still where general questions should be posted, but if you're  interested in how we are developing the server then you're more than welcome to join this list:


On 8/19/21 2:16 PM, Mark Reynolds wrote:

Hello everyone, 

A few months ago there was a SPAM attack on our list and 1800 people were incorrectly subscribed to this list.  I think there were only 300 people on it prior to this happening.  While actions have been taken to prevent this from happening again, it doesn't help our current situation.  Next week I will be unsubscribing everyone

Those who are interested in remaining on this list will need to subscribe again after this mass unsubscribe event.  I will send one more email announcement prior to unsubscribing everyone.

Sorry for those who never wanted to be on this list, and sorry to those who want to remain on it.

Directory Server Development Team
Directory Server Development Team
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