Reminder of 389-admin, console, and webapp deprecation & removal

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This is just a reminder that the old Java Console and Admin Server have been deprecated, and these packages will be removed from future versions of the product.  Starting in Fedora 31, RHEL 8, CentOS 8, and SUSE 15 there will no longer be a Java Console (389-console), Admin Express, or Directory Server Gateway.

Instead, we have a new web UI that is a Cockpit plugin (cockpit-389-ds) [1].  The new Cockpit UI is solely for administering and configuring the server.   As previously announced there will not be an LDAP browser as part of the new UI.  So User & Group management needs to be done via the new CLI tools or via free products like Apache Directory Studio.  We do plan to add a simple LDAP browser in the near future, but that work has not begun yet.

Sorry for any inconvenience this presents, but we needed to move off of the old java technology so we did not get stuck in another 8 year support cycle.  We hope you like the new UI and CLI tools, and we will continue to improve them with each release.  Feel free to file tickets for RFE's and bugs here:


389 Directory Server Development Team



389 Directory Server Development Team
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