Announcing 389 Directory Server

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389 Directory Server

The 389 Directory Server team is proud to announce 389-ds-base version

Fedora packages are available on Fedora 27.

The new packages and versions are:

  • 389-ds-base-

Source tarballs are available for download at Download 389-ds-base Source

Highlights in

  • Security and bug fixes

Installation and Upgrade

See Download for information about setting up your yum repositories.

To install, use yum install 389-ds yum install 389-ds After install completes, run if you have 389-admin installed, otherwise please run to set up your directory server.

To upgrade, use yum upgrade yum upgrade After upgrade completes, run -u if you have 389-admin installed, otherwise please run to update your directory server/admin server/console information.

See Install_Guide for more information about the initial installation, setup, and upgrade

See Source for information about source tarballs and SCM (git) access.


We are very interested in your feedback!

Please provide feedback and comments to the 389-users mailing list:

If you find a bug, or would like to see a new feature, file it in our Pagure project:

  • Bump version to
  • CVE-2017-15134 - Remote DoS via search filters in slapi_filter_sprintf
  • Ticket 49546 - Fix broken snmp MIB file
  • Ticket 49541 - Replica ID config validation fix
  • Ticket 49370 - Crash when using a global and local pw policies
  • Ticket 49540 - Indexing task is reported finished too early regarding the backend status
  • Ticket 49534 - Fix coverity regression
  • Ticket 49541 - repl config should not allow rid 65535 for masters
  • Ticket 49370 - Add all the password policy defaults to a new local policy
  • Ticket 49526 - Improve script
  • Ticket 49534 - Fix coverity issues and regression
  • Ticket 49523 - memberof: schema violation error message is confusing as memberof will likely repair target entry
  • Ticket 49532 - coverity issues - fix compiler warnings & clang issues
  • Ticket 49463 - After cleanALLruv, there is a flow of keep alive DEL
  • Ticket 48184 - close connections at shutdown cleanly.
  • Ticket 49509 - Indexing of internationalized matching rules is failing
  • Ticket 49531 - coverity issues - fix memory leaks
  • Ticket 49529 - Fix Coverity warnings: invalid deferences
  • Ticket 49413 - Changelog trimming ignores disabled replica-agreement
  • Ticket 49446 - cleanallruv should ignore cleaned replica Id in processing changelog if in force mode
  • Ticket 49278 - GetEffectiveRights gives false-negative
  • Ticket 49524 - Password policy: minimum token length fails when the token length is equal to attribute length
  • Ticket 49493 - heap use after free in csn_as_string
  • Ticket 49495 - Fix memory management is vattr.
  • Ticket 49471 - heap-buffer-overflow in ss_unescape
  • Ticket 49449 - Load sysctl values on rpm upgrade.
  • Ticket 49470 - overflow in pblock_get
  • Ticket 49474 - sasl allow mechs does not operate correctly
  • Ticket 49460 - replica_write_ruv log a failure even when it succeeds
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