Announcing 389 Directory Server

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389 Directory Server

The 389 Directory Server team is proud to announce 389-ds-base version

Fedora packages are available on Fedora 27.

The new packages and versions are:

  • 389-ds-base-

Source tarballs are available for download at Download 389-ds-base Source

Highlights in

  • Bug fixes

Installation and Upgrade

See Download for information about setting up your yum repositories.

To install, use yum install 389-ds yum install 389-ds After install completes, run if you have 389-admin installed, otherwise please run to set up your directory server.

To upgrade, use yum upgrade yum upgrade After upgrade completes, run -u if you have 389-admin installed, otherwise please run to update your directory server/admin server/console information.

See Install_Guide for more information about the initial installation, setup, and upgrade

See Source for information about source tarballs and SCM (git) access.


We are very interested in your feedback!

Please provide feedback and comments to the 389-users mailing list:

If you find a bug, or would like to see a new feature, file it in our Pagure project:

  • Bump version to
  • Ticket 48393 - fix copy and paste error
  • Ticket 49439 - cleanallruv is not logging information
  • Ticket 48393 - Improve replication config validation
  • Ticket 49436 - double free in COS in some conditions
  • Ticket 48007 - CI test to test changelog trimming interval
  • Ticket 49424 - Resolve csiphash alignment issues
  • Ticket 49401 - Fix compiler incompatible-pointer-types warnings
  • Ticket 49401 - improve valueset sorted performance on delete
  • Ticket 48894 - harden valueset_array_to_sorted_quick valueset access
  • Ticket 48681 - Use of uninitialized value in string ne at /usr/bin/
  • Ticket 49374 - server fails to start because maxdisksize is recognized incorrectly
  • Ticket 49408 - Server allows to set any nsds5replicaid in the existing replica entry
  • Ticket 49407 - status-dirsrv shows ellipsed lines
  • Ticket 48681 - Use of uninitialized value in string ne at /usr/bin/ line 2565, <$LOGFH> line 4
  • Ticket 49386 - Memberof should be ignore MODRDN when the pre/post entry are identical
  • Ticket 48006 - Missing warning for invalid replica backoff configuration
  • Ticket 49378 - server init fails
  • Ticket 49064 - testcase hardening
  • Ticket 49064 - RFE allow to enable MemberOf plugin in dedicated consumer
  • Ticket 49402 - Adding a database entry with the same database name that was deleted hangs server at shutdown
  • Ticket 49394 - slapi_pblock_get may leave unchanged the provided variable
  • Ticket 48235 - remove memberof lock (cherry-pick error)
  • Ticket 48235 - Remove memberOf global lock
  • Ticket 49363 - Merge lib389, all lib389 history in single patch
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