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389 Directory Server

The 389 Directory Server team is proud to announce 389-ds-base version

This release is only available in binary form for EL5 (EPEL5) and EL6 - see Download#RHEL6/EPEL6 for more details.

The new packages and versions are:

  • 389-ds-base-

A source tarball is available for download at http://port389.org/sources/389-ds-base-

Highlights in

  • security fix
  • several bug fixes

Installation and Upgrade

See Download for information about setting up your yum repositories.

To install, use yum install 389-ds

yum install 389-ds

After install completes, run setup-ds-admin.pl to set up your directory server.


To upgrade, use yum upgrade

yum upgrade

After upgrade completes, run setup-ds-admin.pl -u to update your directory server/admin server/console information.

setup-ds-admin.pl -u

See Install_Guide for more information about the initial installation, setup, and upgrade

See Source for information about source tarballs and SCM (git) access.


We are very interested in your feedback!

Please provide feedback and comments to the 389-users mailing list: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/389-users

If you find a bug, or would like to see a new feature, file it in our Trac instance: https://fedorahosted.org/389

Detailed Changelog since

  • Ticket 47739 - directory server is insecurely misinterpreting authzid on a SASL/GSSAPI bind
  • Ticket 47731 - A tombstone entry is deleted by ldapdelete
  • Ticket 47729 - Directory Server crashes if shutdown during a replication initialization
  • Ticket 47637 - rsa_null_sha should not be enabled by default
  • Ticket 417, 458, 47522 - Password Administrator Backport
  • Ticket 47455 - valgrind - value mem leaks, uninit mem usage
  • fix coverity 11915 - dead code - introduced with fix for ticket 346
  • Ticket 47369 version2 - provide default syntax plugin
  • Ticket 346 - version 4 Slow ldapmodify operation time for large quantities of multi-valued attribute values
  • Ticket 415 - winsync doesn't sync DN valued attributes if DS DN value doesn't exist
  • Ticket 47642 - Windows Sync group issues
  • Ticket 47692 - single valued attribute replicated ADD does not work
  • Ticket 47677 - Size returned by slapi_entry_size is not accurate
  • Ticket 47693 - Environment variables are not passed when DS is started via service
  • Ticket 47693 - Environment variables are not passed when DS is started via service
  • Ticket 471 - logconv.pl tool removes the access logs contents if "-M" is not correctly used
  • Ticket 47463 - IDL-style can become mismatched during partial restoration
  • Ticket 47638 - Overflow in nsslapd-disk-monitoring-threshold on 32bit platform
  • Ticket 47641 - 7-bit check plugin not checking MODRDN operation
  • Ticket 47678 - modify-delete userpassword
  • Ticket 47516 - replication stops with excessive clock skew
  • Ticket 47627 - Fix replication logging
  • Ticket 47627 - changelog iteration should ignore cleaned rids when getting the minCSN
  • Ticket 47623 - fix memleak caused by 47347
  • Ticket 47587 - hard coded limit of 64 masters in agreement and changelog code
  • Ticket 47591 - entries with empty objectclass attribute value can be hidden
  • Ticket 47596 - attrcrypt fails to find unlocked key

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