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389 Directory Server

The 389 Directory Server team is proud to announce 389-ds-base version

Fedora packages are available from the Fedora 20 Testing and Rawhide repositories.

The new packages and versions are:

  • 389-ds-base-

A source tarball is available for download at http://port389.org/sources/389-ds-base-

Highlights in

  • Bug fixes: objectclass definition in schema, invalid SASL mechanism, and setting nsds5ReplicaProtocolTimeout.
  • Enhancements: plug-in library path validation, replication logging, changelog trimming interval, and referential integrity.
  • A couple of memory leak bugs and a crash bug were fixed.

Installation and Upgrade

See Download for information about setting up your yum repositories.

To install, use yum install 389-ds yum install 389-ds After install completes, run setup-ds-admin.pl to set up your directory server. setup-ds-admin.pl

To upgrade, use yum upgrade yum upgrade After upgrade completes, run setup-ds-admin.pl -u to update your directory server/admin server/console information. setup-ds-admin.pl -u

See Install_Guide for more information about the initial installation, setup, and upgrade

See Source for information about source tarballs and SCM (git) access.


We are very interested in your feedback!

Please provide feedback and comments to the 389-users mailing list: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/389-users

If you find a bug, or would like to see a new feature, file it in our Trac instance: https://fedorahosted.org/389

Detailed Changelog since

  • Ticket 47313 - Indexed search with filter containing '&' and "!" with attribute subtypes gives wrong result
  • Ticket 47601 - Plugin library path validation prevents intentional loading of out-of-tree modules
  • Ticket 47606 - replica init/bulk import errors should be more verbose
  • Ticket 47613 - Issues setting allowed mechanisms
  • Ticket 47617 - allow configuring changelog trim interval
  • Ticket 47620 - 389-ds rejects nsds5ReplicaProtocolTimeout attribute
  • Ticket 47620 - Fix cherry-pick error for 1.3.2 and 1.3.1
  • Ticket 47620 - Config value validation improvement
  • Ticket 47620 - Fix logically dead code.
  • Ticket 47620 - Fix dereferenced NULL pointer in agmtlist_modify_callback()
  • Ticket 47620 - Fix missing left bracket
  • Ticket 47621 - v2 make referential integrity configuration more flexible
  • Ticket 47622 - Automember betxnpreoperation - transaction not aborted when group entry does not exist
  • Ticket 47623 - fix memleak caused by 47347
  • Ticket 47623 - fix memleak caused by 47347
  • Ticket 47627 - changelog iteration should ignore cleaned rids when getting the minCSN
  • Ticket 47627 - Fix replication logging
  • Ticket 47631 - objectclass may, must lists skip rest of objectclass once first is found in sup
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