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The 389 team will be switching to trac for keeping track of bugs/enhancement requests/issues instead of Red Hat Bugzilla.

* Why?

We needed a clear separation between "upstream" 389 development and "downstream" Red Hat product/process. It was getting too confusing using bugzilla for both upstream and downstream. We needed an issue tracking tool that was focused only on the upstream 389. Most of the other related groups such as freeipa, sssd, dogtag, and others have already moved to use trac.

* What happens to 389 bugs in bugzilla?

Nothing. They are still there. You can continue to use bugzilla. All of the open issues have been copied to trac. You can still use bugzilla to refer to the older issues. We have an internal tool we use that links bugzilla bugs to trac so we can find "unlinked" bugs/tickets and create links, copy bugs, etc.

* What if I find an issue with a particular Fedora/EPEL release?

Go ahead and file the bug in bugzilla against Product: Fedora or Fedora EPEL and Component: 389-ds-base (or whatever component). The 389 development team will triage the bug. If it affects upstream, we will copy it into a trac ticket. When we fix the bug and push out a package containing the fix, we will update the bugzilla bug, so if you don't care about what happens in the upstream, you don't have to worry about it. You can just pay attention to the bugzilla Fedora/EPEL bug and find out when a package containing the fix is released.

* Where is the new trac?


* How do I see the tickets?

https://fedorahosted.org/389/report - there are various reports to see tickets

* How do I file a new ticket, or add myself to the CC list of an existing ticket?

You must first have a Fedora Account - see https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/

Once you login, you should see a link for New Ticket, and you should be able to modify/add comments to existing tickets.

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