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The 389 Project team is pleased to announce the release of 389 Directory Server version 1.2.1.

This is the first release that is branded as '''389'''. All of the RPMs have been marked as obsoleting their Fedora DS counterparts. When upgrading via yum, you must use yum upgrade (not update) so that the obsoletes will be processed.

If you are upgrading from a previous release, after installing the updates, you must run '''setup-ds-admin.pl -u''' to refresh your console and admin server configuration with the new version information. There is a bug in setup - it will leave the old versions of the fedora ds servers in console - you can ignore the old versions.

* New features
There are several new features in this release - Simple Paged Results, Entry USN, support for data validation based on syntax, several new syntaxes and matching rules, attribute linking, support for the dereference control, and more. For more information, see http://port389.org/wiki/Roadmap#Version_1.2.1

* Bugs Fixed
This release contains several bug fixes. The complete list of bugs fixed is found at the link below. Note that bugs marked as MODIFIED have been fixed but are still in testing.

* Release Notes - http://port389.org/wiki/Release_Notes
* Install Guide - http://port389.org/wiki/Install_Guide
* Download - http://port389.org/wiki/Download

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