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I've updated the one step build scripts for Fedora DS 1.1. The new version allows you to pick and choose which components you want to build from source and which you want to just use from the operating system. I don't have a tarball up yet, but you can get it from anonymous CVS:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvs/dirsec co dsbuild
or if you don't want the CVS directories
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvs/dirsec export -rHEAD dsbuild

* How does it work?
after checkout/export
 cd dsbuild/meta/ds
 make help
Help only tells about SASL_SOURCE and SNMP_SOURCE - but if you look at the meta/ds/Makefile you will see that there are many COMPONENT_SOURCE variables (NSPR_SOURCE, NSS_SOURCE, etc.). The script is not smart enough to figure out which components are provided by your OS, so if you want to build something from source you'll have to explicitly specify it.

Use make PREFIX=/opt/dirsrv to compile and install directly into /opt/dirsrv
Use make PREFIX=/opt/dirsrv DESTDIR=/var/tmp to compile and install into /var/tmp for packaging that at runtime will use /opt/dirsrv e.g. for native system packaging systems

* What's missing?
All console/java code is still incomplete - jss, ldapjdk, etc.
dsbuild/README needs to be updated
make help needs to be updated

* What platforms are supported?
You'll need relatively recent versions of GNU make, sed, wget, bzip2, gzip, tar, patch, md5sum

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