Announcing Fedora Directory Server 1.0

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We are proud to announce the release of Fedora Directory Server 1.0.

This release marks a significant milestone for the open source community, who now have access to the code for the console and administration engine as well as the previously open sourced LDAP engine. This release uses the Apache httpd engine as its administration server, and includes mod_nss - a rewrite of mod_ssl which uses the Mozilla NSS crypto engine. The 1.0 release, in addition to its many other features such as LDAPv3, Multi-Master Replication, and Windows Synchronization, includes support for MD5, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 password hashing, as well as many bug fixes. Fedora Directory Server 1.0 furthers the evolution and democratization of open source software in making this powerful, enterprise proven technology available to all. It is a boon for developers who are now able to port the full package - LDAP engine, console, and admin engine - to many different platforms.

If you have used the previous version of Fedora Directory Server, we invite you to try our new version. If you are using another LDAP server, we invite you to try ours and let us know how it compares - we're always looking for ways to improve. Our community is already active and growing, and you are welcome and encouraged to join. There are many ways: joining the mailing lists, reporting bugs, editing documentation, writing scripts/patches/plug-ins, and many more.

Try it out! -
Our home page -
Join our community! -
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Drop us a line! - fedora-directory-users@xxxxxxxxxx and

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