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> Am 01.06.2021 um 11:09 schrieb Carlo de Wolf <cdewolf@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> On 01-06-2021 08:38, Peter Boy wrote:
>>> Am 01.06.2021 um 02:22 schrieb Adam Young <ayoung@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> Why is an RPM not feasible?
>> I don’t know all the details. Please correct me if my knowledge is incomplete or incorrect. But as to my knowledge, according to Fedora packaging policy the source code must be completely compiled on Fedora infrastructure and each library must become a separate package. For very large and complex Java programs like Wildfly, this is an enormous amount of work and also fits poorly with the Java build system. In this respect, building a rpm is theoretically possible, but practically not feasible with the available resources. There was an attempt a few years ago, but it was not completed as to my knowledge.
> Yes, the packaging guidelines are pretty strict.

Was there ever an initiative to make this more workable? Above a certain size, the maintenance advantage of splitting becomes a de facto disadvantage due to the sheer number of modules. So there should be exceptions for specific types of software.

> ...
> Nowadays we acknowledge 277 components in EAP 7.4 (which is based on WildFly 23).

An impressive number. How does RH distribute Wildfly rsp JBoss? Is everything a container now? 

> The most important thing to understand is Fedora uses Xmvn to build Maven projects, not Apache Maven. In a very small nutshell it boils down to GAVs in poms being ignored and only (RPM) installed GAs are used.

Thanks. Didn’t know that. What I have read on the quick, it sounds very interesting. The last release is from 2019. Are there still more features being developed or is the tool considered mature / no need for additional features?  


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