Re: Macros controlling the source/target/release level flags for javac

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Fabio,Severin, Mikolaj? Any thoughts?
On 12/7/20 11:23 AM, Jiri Vanek wrote:
> Hi!
> I had risen this topic during jdk11 bump. but it somehow get lost.
> The idea is, to provide rpm macros, keeping the default source/target eventually - for jdk11 and up -the release - numbers for javac to use.
> Then to provide tooling, which will help packagers to use them - for ant and maven it should be simple. For others, probably nothing to do on our side, each packager will be able to patch/sed theirs builds as necessary (Still it will help  a lot for future).
> I do not know how to provide them as default (except hardcoding in xmvn, and only allow to disable them on demand).
> This will smooth the bump to jdk17 in f36 really a lot.
> Thoughts?
>   J.

Jiri Vanek
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Red Hat Czech
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