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On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 4:06 PM Jie Kang <jkang@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> javamail ursine is using version 1.5.2 while there are some module
> streams at 1.6.x
> The upstream project also moved to the eclipse foundation and these
> 1.6.x releases have different exports for OSGi, making an update to
> them potentially breaking for users.
> I'd like to update ursine to 1.6.x, but I understand packages
> depending on them should be notified or some such. However I realized
> I don't know what commands to run to get a list of such and then where
> to send it. Could anyone advise?
> Also, upstream repo was renamed:
> so maybe a new package 'mail' can be introduced to use it? Any
> thoughts there?

I use this command to check for dependent packages:

$ dnf --repo rawhide --repo rawhide-source --releasever rawhide
repoquery --whatrequires javamail

Which is enough, since there are no other subpackages except -javadoc.
The command yielded (on July 1):


So the list of affected packages seems to be:

- ant (Stewardship / Java SIG will deal with this)
- bouncycastle (?)
- httpunit (?)
- log4j (Stewardship / Java SIG will deal with this)
- log4j12 (Stewardship / Java SIG will deal with this)
- openas2 (?)

I already had to adapt ant to use the "legacy" coordinates of
javamail, so those changes can be reverted once it's updated. I'm not
sure whether the other packages are similarly affected (I assume they
are, and will require some `%pom_change_dep` or sed magic).

I suggest notifying the maintainers of the three "(?)" packages directly.

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