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On Mon, 2020-05-11 at 21:45 +0200, Fabio Valentini wrote:
> This past weekend I finally decided to jump off the cliff and attempt
> to re-launch the Java SIG. It seems there's some interest in keeping
> the Java stack maintained, it's just not focused or organized right
> now.
> What we did when starting the Stewardship SIG seems to have worked
> out
> pretty well, so I'm trying to follow in those footsteps here:
> - new proper FAS / pkgdb group: java-maint-sig ("java-sig" is
> occupied
> by an old, unused bot account)
> - new private mailing list: java-maint-sig (for RHBZ bugs - so,
> possibly, also CVEs - hence, private)
> - tracking project on pagure: (for
> maintenance scripts, tracking tickets, awesome package dashboards,
> etc.)
> There's already a public fedora mailing list for Java (java-devel),
> and and IRC channel (#fedora-java on, which we will
> continue to use. Sadly, the existing wiki page for the Java SIG is
> hopelessly outdated, so I'm tempted to just scrap it and point
> readers
> to the pagure tracking project once it's set up beyond a basic README
> file.
> Major upcoming projects for the "new" Java Package Maintainers group
> include:
> - managing OpenJDK 11 / Java 11 transition for hundreds of Java
> packages in fedora 33
> - starting to transition well-maintained Java packages from the
> Stewardship SIG back into Java SIG
> - possibly porting packages from gradle to maven to fix build issues
> and broken dependencies
> - transitioning from old / JavaEE projects to the new ones
> now under the eclipse-ee4j umbrella
> I know that - among others - the PKI team, Neuro SIG, and Eclipse
> maintainers depend on parts of the java stack for their packages, so
> I
> hope that we can work together with them on these things, as well.
> So, if you're interested, please consider joining this group effort.
> I'll get new members set up with the FAS group / pagure project /
> mailing list.
> Let's make this happen.

Thanks Fabio!

I'll be happy to join and will try to liaise as we continue to look
after the OpenJDK packages themselves.

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