Re: F33 system wide change, java-11-openjdk as system jdk

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\o Hey Jiri,

I don't see two of our packages in the copr:

Is there a way to know why they were excluded?


- Alex

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> From: "Jiri Vanek" <jvanek@xxxxxxxxxx>
> To: "Development discussions related to Fedora" <devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Fedora Java Development List"
> <java-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2020 12:31:43 PM
> Subject: F33 system wide change, java-11-openjdk as system jdk
> Hello fellow java package maintainers!
> We are planning to bump the JDK from java-1.8.0-openjdk to java-11-openjdk
> for F33. Please see
> Short Story:
>  * if you have some java package, be aware that we are bumping JDK in rawhide
>  * Ensure your package builds and runs fine with JDK11 (see the
>  * there is special tooling ready for this, before mass rebuild is launched
>  ** See
>  * If you do not want Fedora rotten with JDK8 for ever, continue reading
> Long Story:
> We ran a preliminary mass rebuild of javastack in copr repo
> (select "all"
> instead of "25" at the
> bottom), on packages requiring java,javac, java-devel, maven-local, ant, ivy
> & comp for build. You
> can see, the result was quite dramatic:
> 1225  total; attempted to rebuild
> 483   failed; from those 191 are trivial failures (but if you fix it, there
> is no guarantee real
> troubles are not hidden behind that)
> 186   succeeded
> 556   orphans or dead or otherwise tragic so the build did not even start
> I would kindly ask you to search yourself in this list:
> If you are here, please check status of your package in
> (pain text of
>  * If your package is "succeeded",  congratulations nothing to do, and just
>  keep en eye on JDK bump
>  * If there is "failed" but contains "- 	-" then it is probably orphan. If
>  you wish to resurrect it,
> please ensure it runs against JDK11 (see lower)
>  * If there is "failed" but failed in "seconds", then those packages failed
>  so quickly, that the
> build was in initial phases. That usually mean that you build with
> source/target lower then 1.6
> JDK11 supports 1.6 and up. We recommend to bump the source/target to 1.8, to
> allow existence of
> compact 1.8 packages alongside main javastack. See
> Don't forget to
> upstream the patch, or maybe it is enough to update to more fresh upstream
> release which supports
> JDK11? it may happen, that after the fix, your build will fail in more
> terrible way (see below)
>  * If there is "failed", and its none of above, then your package simply
>  failed. Very often the
> scary error may be fixed by bump to latest upstream version. JDK 11 is out
> for several years.
> Please, try to fix the package. Don't hesitate to ask on
> devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or
> java-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or directly to me jvanek@xxxxxxxxxx. If you fix
> the fail, feel free to
> share your fix, it may help others.
> We are trying to gather the most common issues at
> .
>  Feel free to enhance the page, or write us your case (possibly both with
>  solution and without) so
> we can add it here.
> Debugging Your failures.
> The copr repo we maintain, contains builds of java-11-openjdk as system JDK,
> javapackages-tools
> honoring that, and java-1.8.0-openjdk as non system JDK. Also it contains
> successfully rebuilt
> packages. You can directly use this copr repo in several ways.
>  * first glance on error. On
> find your
> build  (select "all" instead of "25" at the bottom),
>  ** Click its number, select chroot (currently  fedora-32-x86_64 ) and check
>  the logs. Main log is
> build.log.gz.
>  * anything you push to rawhide, will automatically rebuild here in f32
>  chroot (we have a JDK in
> rawhide broken a bit currently)
>  ** It is the best approach. If you can fix your package in rawhide directly,
>  without breaking the
> rawhide too much, go for it
>  ** If yo need to experiment, I have a mock config for you (generated from
>  copr-cli mock-config
> jvanek/java11 fedora-32-x86_64) which you can copy to your /etc/mock and use
> -
> .
> Eg:
>  sudo cp downloaded-fedora-32-x86_64.cfg
>  /etc/mock/jvanek-java11-fedora-32-x86_64.cfg
>  # change spec, bump sources, apply patches
>  fedpkg srpm
>  mock -r jvanek-java11-fedora-32-x86_64  *.src.rpm
> Or any other packaging workflow you use, and you can use against the copr
> repo.
> Thank you very much for your help, there are 500 failures, and 1000 java
> packagers, but only 2
> active members of java sig. Without your help, the JDK bump will be very
> hard.
> Thank You!
> On behalf of Fedora java group
>   J.
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