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On Sun, 2019-08-11 at 11:29 +0000, Christian Stadelmann wrote:
> Hey together,
> I just noticed that the default Java implementation on Fedora 30 is
> still Java 8. Is this intended? I.e. both `dnf provides java` and
> `dnf provides java-headless` list only java-1.8.0-openjdk (or its
> subpackage).

Yes, that's intentional.

> How about this plan:
> 1. For Fedora 31, make also java-11-openjdk `Provides:` the relevant version-independent package aliases `java` and `java-headless` and so on. If this proposal is too late for Fedora 31, then make it for Fedora 32.
> 2. One release later, drop the version-independent aliases from java-1.8.0-openjdk so that java is being updated to java-11-openjdk for all users.

Note that for such a change we'd have to make sure that *all* Java
packages build/run with java-11-openjdk as this essentially means any
java package currently requiring java or java-devel will switch JDK to
a modularized JDK underneath. Due to that potential breakage we haven't
done the switch. JDK 11 has been GA'ed in September 2018, which was
less than a year ago, fwiw.

If you'd like to help perform a mass-rebuild (into a separate tag?) and
assess what's breaking, feel free to.

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