Orphaned Packages in branched (2017-07-09)

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The following packages are orphaned and will be retired when they
are orphaned for six weeks, unless someone adopts them. If you know for sure
that the package should be retired, please do so now with a proper reason:

Note: If you received this mail directly you (co)maintain one of the affected
packages or a package that depends on one. Please adopt the affected package or
retire your depending package to avoid broken dependencies, otherwise your
package will be retired when the affected package gets retired.

         Package                    (co)maintainers           Status Change 
lyra                        orphan                            4 weeks ago   
modem-manager-gui           orphan, mariobl                   0 weeks ago   
proguard                    orphan, fkooman                   1 weeks ago   
python-numeric              orphan, alexl, alexlan,           3 weeks ago   
                            caillon, caolanm, johnp,                        
                            mbarnes, rhughes, rstrode, ssp,                 
rubygem-configuration       orphan                            5 weeks ago   
rubygem-ruby-ole            orphan                            5 weeks ago   
scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts   orphan, fonts-sig, i18n-team      4 weeks ago   

The following packages require above mentioned packages:
Depending on: proguard (23), status change: 2017-06-26 (1 weeks ago)
	sbt (maintained by: )
		sbt-0.13.1-8.fc24.1.noarch requires proguard = 5.3.2-2.fc26
		sbt-0.13.1-8.fc24.1.src requires proguard = 5.3.2-2.fc26

	json4s (maintained by: willb, java-sig)
		json4s-3.2.7-4.fc24.src requires sbt = 0.13.1-8.fc24.1

	mchange-commons (maintained by: mbooth)
		mchange-commons-0.2.11-1.fc26.src requires sbt = 0.13.1-8.fc24.1

	scala-stm (maintained by: willb)
		scala-stm-0.7-7.fc26.src requires sbt = 0.13.1-8.fc24.1

	scalaz (maintained by: willb, java-sig)
		scalaz-7.0.0-6.fc24.src requires sbt = 0.13.1-8.fc24.1

	typesafe-config (maintained by: willb, gil)
		typesafe-config-1.2.0-8.fc26.src requires sbt = 0.13.1-8.fc24.1

	zinc (maintained by: mizdebsk)
		zinc-0.3.1-3.fc26.noarch requires mvn(org.scala-sbt:incremental-compiler) = 0.13.1
		zinc-0.3.1-3.fc26.src requires mvn(org.scala-sbt:incremental-compiler) = 0.13.1

	c3p0 (maintained by: mbooth, java-sig)
		c3p0-0.9.5-0.4.pre8.fc26.noarch requires mchange-commons = 0.2.11-1.fc26, mvn(com.mchange:mchange-commons-java) = 0.2.11
		c3p0-0.9.5-0.4.pre8.fc26.src requires mchange-commons = 0.2.11-1.fc26

	gradle (maintained by: mizdebsk, java-sig, msimacek)
		gradle-2.13-7.fc26.src requires mvn(com.typesafe.zinc:zinc) = 0.3.1

	datanucleus-rdbms (maintained by: pmackinn, moceap)
		datanucleus-rdbms-3.2.13-5.fc26.src requires mvn(com.mchange:c3p0) = 0.9.5

	hibernate (maintained by: gil, java-sig)
		hibernate-5.0.10-2.fc26.src requires mvn(com.mchange:c3p0) = 0.9.5
		hibernate-c3p0-5.0.10-2.fc26.noarch requires mvn(com.mchange:c3p0) = 0.9.5

	hibernate3 (maintained by: gil)
		hibernate3-3.6.10-21.fc26.src requires c3p0 = 0.9.5-0.4.pre8.fc26
		hibernate3-c3p0-3.6.10-21.fc26.noarch requires mvn(com.mchange:c3p0) = 0.9.5

	hibernate4 (maintained by: gil, java-sig)
		hibernate4-4.3.11-4.fc26.src requires mvn(com.mchange:c3p0) = 0.9.5
		hibernate4-c3p0-4.3.11-4.fc26.noarch requires mvn(com.mchange:c3p0) = 0.9.5

	infinispan (maintained by: ricardo, gil, goldmann)
		infinispan-8.2.4-2.fc26.src requires mvn(com.mchange:c3p0) = 0.9.5

	mysql-connector-java (maintained by: gil, hhorak, java-sig, jmbox, mjakubicek)
		mysql-connector-java-5.1.38-4.fc26.src requires c3p0 = 0.9.5-0.4.pre8.fc26

	quartz (maintained by: gil, java-sig)
		quartz-2.2.1-6.fc26.noarch requires mvn(com.mchange:c3p0) = 0.9.5
		quartz-2.2.1-6.fc26.src requires mvn(com.mchange:c3p0) = 0.9.5

	springframework (maintained by: gil, java-sig)
		springframework-3.2.18-2.fc26.src requires mvn(c3p0:c3p0) = 0.9.5

	javapackages-tools (maintained by: mizdebsk, ctubbsii, java-sig, mbooth, msimacek, msrb)
		gradle-local-4.7.0-15.fc26.noarch requires gradle = 2.13-7.fc26

	shrinkwrap-resolver (maintained by: gil, java-sig)
		shrinkwrap-resolver-2.2.2-3.fc26.src requires mvn(org.gradle:gradle-tooling-api) = 2.13
		shrinkwrap-resolver-impl-gradle-embedded-archive-2.2.2-3.fc26.noarch requires mvn(org.gradle:gradle-tooling-api) = 2.13

	xmvn (maintained by: mizdebsk, java-sig, mbooth, msimacek, msrb)
		xmvn-2.5.0-21.fc26.src requires gradle = 2.13-7.fc26

	google-http-java-client (maintained by: gil, java-sig)
		google-http-java-client-1.22.0-2.fc26.src requires mvn(org.datanucleus:datanucleus-rdbms) = 3.2.13

	google-oauth-java-client (maintained by: gil, java-sig)
		google-oauth-java-client-1.22.0-2.fc26.src requires mvn(org.datanucleus:datanucleus-rdbms) = 3.2.13

	hive (maintained by: pmackinn, coolsvap, java-sig, moceap)
		hive-0.12.0-5.fc22.noarch requires datanucleus-rdbms = 3.2.13-5.fc26, mvn(org.datanucleus:datanucleus-rdbms) = 3.2.13
		hive-0.12.0-5.fc22.src requires datanucleus-rdbms = 3.2.13-5.fc26

	Too many dependencies for proguard, not all listed here

Affected (co)maintainers
alexl: python-numeric
alexlan: python-numeric
caillon: python-numeric
caolanm: python-numeric
coolsvap: proguard
ctubbsii: proguard
fkooman: proguard
fonts-sig: scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts
gil: proguard
goldmann: proguard
hhorak: proguard
i18n-team: scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts
java-sig: proguard
jmbox: proguard
johnp: python-numeric
mariobl: modem-manager-gui
mbarnes: python-numeric
mbooth: proguard
mizdebsk: proguard
mjakubicek: proguard
moceap: proguard
msimacek: proguard
msrb: proguard
pmackinn: proguard
rhughes: python-numeric
ricardo: proguard
rstrode: python-numeric
ssp: python-numeric
willb: proguard
xiphmont: python-numeric

Orphans (7): lyra modem-manager-gui proguard python-numeric
    rubygem-configuration rubygem-ruby-ole scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts

Orphans (dependend on) (1): proguard

Orphans (branched) for at least 6 weeks (dependend on) (0):

Orphans  (branched)(not depended on) (6): lyra modem-manager-gui
    python-numeric rubygem-configuration rubygem-ruby-ole

Orphans (branched) for at least 6 weeks (not dependend on) (0):

Depending packages (branched) (23): c3p0 datanucleus-rdbms
    google-http-java-client google-oauth-java-client gradle hibernate
    hibernate3 hibernate4 hive infinispan javapackages-tools json4s
    mchange-commons mysql-connector-java quartz sbt scala-stm scalaz
    shrinkwrap-resolver springframework typesafe-config xmvn zinc

Packages depending on packages orphaned (branched) for more than 6
    weeks (0):

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