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On 2017-07-06 21:42, Christopher wrote:

I'm trying to get the thrift package to build again after %add_maven_depmap has been moved to javapackages-local in rawhide (f27). I'm trying to take the opportunity to switch to %mvn_artifact, but I can't figure out how to do the subpackage assignment which used to be done with the -f flag with %add_maven_depmap.

I've already read but that doesn't seem to document subpackage assignment. The only mention says to use %mvn_package, but this is an ant build, so that won't work.

%mvn_package should be used, even for ant builds (yeah, the mvn prefix is can be a bit misleading).
How to use it:
%mvn_package artifactCoordinates subpkgName
where artifactCoordinates are maven artifact coordinates of the artifact you're installing. These are the groupId:artifacId of the POM you assigned to given JAR with %mvn_artifact. In thrift's case, you assigned libfb303-0.10.0.pom (Source3) to the libfb303.jar. The artifact coordinates are those from the pom, so find the groupId and artifactId there and put a colon between them.
Like this:
%mvn_package org.apache.thrift:libfb303 fb303

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also, will %mvn_artifact work in EPEL7 and F25? I'd like to keep the spec sync'd up across supported branches as much as possible.

Yes, %mvn_artifact is available in RHEL 7 and F25 and the regular form (installing a JAR with POM or only POM) should work.

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