Re: Java 8 objectweb-asm for EPEL7

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On 02/15/2017 01:29 AM, Christopher wrote:
>> 2. replace JAR containing Java 8 bytecode with some dummy (empty) JAR,
>> call %mvn_install and restore the JAR after %mvn_install returns.
> Thanks! I followed option 2, and it worked great. I didn't quite understand
> what %mvn_install was doing before, but I think I'm beginning to understand
> it. I now understand it to be doing:
> 1. copying artifacts from target/ to %{buildroot}
> 2. generating depmap metadata
> 3. creating .mfiles

Correct, and:
4. injecting some fields into JAR manifest

> I guess it's inspecting byte code to determine if the code is noarch or
> arch-specific (because JNI/JNA)? I guess I just have to be careful when I
> manually perform these steps that the jar is installed to the correct
> directory (either %_javadir or %_jnidir). Using an empty jar would make
> %mvn_install think the jar goes in %_javadir. Am I understanding this
> correctly?

Yes, that's correct.

Mikolaj Izdebski
Software Engineer, Red Hat
IRC: mizdebsk
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