Re: Fedora 25 compose report: 20160921.n.0 changes

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Il 21/09/2016 15:54, Fedora Branched Report he wrote:
	1:arduino-1.6.4-8.fc25.noarch requires jackson-module-mrbean

	docker-client-4.0.6-3.fc25.noarch requires mvn(com.fasterxml.jackson.datatype:jackson-datatype-guava)
my apologize for the inconveniences
jackson-module-mrbean is now provided by jackson-modules-base [1] package
and was submitted as us update for F25 [2].

jackson-datatype-guava s now provided by jackson-datatypes-collections [3] package
and was submitted as us update for F25 [4].

The upgrades was necessary for import wildfly 10+ also in the F25 branch.

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