Common problems with maven-jar-plugin 3.0.0

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Recently I've updated maven-jar-plugin to upstream version 3.0.0.
This update caused a few packages to fail to build. I will try to take
care of fixing most (all?) of broken packages, but in case someone needs
to fix a build problem by themselves, I'm sharing solutions to common

Common problem nr 1

Plugin fails with error message: "You have to use a classifier to attach
supplemental artifacts to the project instead of replacing them."

It means that project defines its own JAR plugin executions, which are
trying to override JAR(s) generated by default executions. A solution to
most of cases like that would be skipping default execution, for eg.:

Common problem nr 2

Plugin fails with error message: "You are using 'useDefaultManifestFile'
which has been removed from the maven-jar-plugin. Please see the >>Major
Version Upgrade to version 3.0.0<< on the plugin site."

As the error message and website say, you need to use Maven Archiver
configuration instead of deprecated 'useDefaultManifestFile', for eg.:

Mikolaj Izdebski
Software Engineer, Red Hat
IRC: mizdebsk
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