Re: OpenStreetMap contributors need your packaging skills

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commons-jcs s available here
if you can or have time for review it

Il 02/12/2015 08:48, Jean-Baptiste ha scritto:
Hi there,

The OpenStreetMap contributors are using an advanced editor name josm (something like 90% of the editors use it).

The software can be launched with a java webstart, but also in fedora's repository thanks to Cédric OLIVIER.

Unluckily, Cédric is blocked since months with a missing dependency and is out of time to package it.

Not having this package nor having the time to package it is blocking him from publishing new versions, as explained here :

We currently have version 8109 of josm that is 8 month old and the software is pushing frequent updates has you can see here :

May someone help ?

I'm currently a l10n contributor but will be pleased to help testing.


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