Re: Cloud SIG packager group?

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On 6/1/22 08:23, Mikel Olasagasti wrote:
> It was me on 2021-11 (time flies!), but had not time to continue with
> the proposal.

Nice! Now that I've seen how the go-sig and python-sig groups have
helped so much with backporting various packages of mine to epel9, I'm
really in support of it.

I liked the idea before and I love it now. 💕

> I find the proposal interesting. Being member of other sigs has
> allowed me to contribute more band better.

Totally agree. It would be nice to team up on reviews, updates, and issues.

>>   3) If this idea sounds good, what steps do we need to do?
> Should be discussed in the next cloud meeting and approve it?

Absolutely. I'll open an issue in Pagure in the meantime and send a link
here so we don't forget about it. 😜

Major Hayden
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