Re: Any reason fedora server isn't uploaded to all regions?

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On 10/15/21 10:25 AM, Carl Hörberg wrote:
> Hi, we looking into moving from ubuntu to Fedora server for thousands of our servers on AWS, but I wondering if the AWS images could be uploaded to all AWS regions instead of just the few? Happy to contribute financially or technically if needed. 

Hey Carl,

That's awesome news! Glad to have you in the Fedora community.

Hmm. Is there a particular region you're interested in? We currently upload to:

US East (N. Virginia) 	ami-09e08e82e8f927ba4 	
US East (Ohio) 	ami-04d6c97822332a0a6 	
US West (Oregon) 	ami-00a4fdd3db8bb2851 	
US West (N. California) 	ami-0d828c0715f284b51 	
EU West (Ireland) 	ami-03a2d2ea7d3d04d8c 	
EU Central (Frankfurt) 	ami-0efd1b90025adc1a0 	
EU West (London) 	ami-034794b0310a1d8b7 	
Asia Pacific SE (Singapore) 	ami-0de1a1ee38e9d0267 	
Asia Pacific NE (Tokyo) 	ami-0eaac58066939c2ff 	
Asia Pacific SE (Sydney) 	ami-0627bcdb0bea81d1b 	
South America East (Sāo Paulo) 	ami-0231fa741ad2e0a08 	
Asia Pacific (Seoul) 	ami-08b7a97648409e75b 	
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) 	ami-01d3bd808e1fd393c 	
Canada (Central) ami-005b80509885a0ea1

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