Re: systemd update breaks DNS resolution on Fedora 33 cloud instances

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On 1/15/21 2:50 PM, Tadej Janež wrote:
> Hi all!

Hey Tadej

> I was recently hit by this and it took me some time to figure out what
> was going on.

Thanks for sharing and for investigating.

> I provisioned a fresh Fedora 33 cloud instance on DigitalOcean.
> After completing the initial upgrade via 'dnf update' and rebooting the
> system, DNS resolution stopped working.
> I did a little debugging and saw that no DNS servers were configured:
> $ resolvectl dns
> Global:
> Link 2 (eth0):
> Link 3 (eth1):
> $ resolvectl status
> Global
>        Protocols: LLMNR=resolve -mDNS -DNSOverTLS DNSSEC=no/unsupported
> resolv.conf mode: stub                                                 
> Link 2 (eth0)
> Current Scopes: LLMNR/IPv4 LLMNR/IPv6                                 
>      Protocols: -DefaultRoute +LLMNR -mDNS -DNSOverTLS
> DNSSEC=no/unsupported
> Link 3 (eth1)
> I was confused how could that happen since running 'dnf update' on the
> first boot clearly required DNS resolution to work.
> It turns out a recent systemd update, namely systemd-246.7-2.fc33
> (,
> includes this commit:
> which removes the fallback DNS server list (i.e. Cloudflare's and/or
> Google's DNS servers) due to concerns over DNS requests being
> personally identifying information (PII) in the sense of GDPR?
> In combination with NetworkManager's DNS server handling being disabled
> via cloud-init:
> $ cat /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/99-cloud-init.conf 
> # Created by cloud-init on instance boot automatically, do not edit.
> #
> [main]
> dns = none
> this results in no DNS servers being configured on the system.
> The consequence is that Fedora 33 cloud instances are broken after
> updating the systemd package to version 246.7-2.fc33.

There is a bug in cloud-init where it doesn't seem to properly handle
systemd-resolved. It edits /etc/resolv.conf directly (which is already
managed by systemd-resolved) and thus the configuration gets lost
after the first boot.

I just tried to reproduce on DigitalOcean and it seems like maybe DO recently
added a workaround for this (i'm not able to reproduce). I see this workaround:

# cat lib/cloud/instances/242253247/boothooks/resolver-fix
#!/bin/sh -x
# DigitalOcean resolver fixup script
[ -f /etc/systemd/resolved.conf ] || exit 0
logger -t DigitalOcean 'writing resolvers  to /etc/systemd/resolved.conf'
printf "[Resolve]\nDNS=\n" > /etc/systemd/resolved.conf

Can you try again and see if a new f33 instance you start is OK?

> (I haven't checked but if Fedora 34 cloud images include this version
> of systemd, then DNS resolution won't work even on first boot.)

Thanks, I'll look into it.

> Please advise on the best steps to fix this issue
> Regards,
> Tadej
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