Re: Can't use F33 EC2 image: SSH key doesn't work

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On 11/9/20 3:40 PM, Kevin White wrote:
> AWS's EC2 launch process can inject an SSH key into an image, however, it can only inject RSA keys.  It won't accept anything else.
> Fedora 33 doesn't allow RSA keys for SSH.
> Thus, when I launch an F33 image in EC2 (using the Cloud images, specifically:
> Fedora-Cloud-Base-33-1.2.x86_64-hvm-us-east-2-gp2-0  (ami-0c54097900b6afcbe)
> I can't ssh into it.
> Is there any way to actually use Fedora-Cloud-Base-33 in EC2?

Fedora recently upgraded it's crypto policies to be more secure including removing some
support for weak algorithms. See for more information.

Try `ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms=-ssh-rsa fedora@x.x.x.x`

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