Fedora 33 Cloud image bug? Or new packaging "feature"?

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I have some Ansible code that inspects qcow images to verify the distro and version via shell -->  virt-inspector...and then set facts for use later on in the code. However, upon downloading Fedora-Cloud-Base-33-1.2.x86_64.qcow2 image and executing my playbooks, Ansible errored out.

To see what was going on, I received the following when I manually executed "virt-inspector -a" against the image to inspect:
# virt-inspector -a Fedora-Cloud-Base-33-1.2.x86_64.qcow2 
libguestfs: error: filesize: /var/lib/rpm/Name: No such file or directory

Using the guestfs-browser, I noticed that the /var/lib/rpm directory for the F33 Cloud image was essentially empty, whereas on previous Fedora Cloud image releases I inspected ( 32-1.6, 31-1.9, 30-1.2 ), all had /var/lib/rpm directories that were populated (ie, Name was present). Is this a packaging "miss" for the F33 Cloud OpenStack QCOW image? Or a "feature" new to Fedora 33...and if so, should I adjust my automation to move to a more distro agnostic method, like probing and parsing /etc/os-release within images?
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