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I keep falling foul of this, so I may well have raised a bug about it in the past, but I cannot fathom where/how now.

I use fedora images with virtualbox/vagrant, and I try to standardise on the fedoraproject images ( A feature of these images is that they tend to enable rsync base synchronisation of the host working directory and the guest `/vagrant` directory with the following line in, eg, `~/.vagrant.d/boxes/fedora-VAGRANTSLASH-32-cloud-base/32.20200422.0/virtualbox/Vagrantfile`:
  config.vm.synced_folder ".", "/vagrant", type: "rsync"

I don’t think that it’s my setup specifically, which uses the vagrant plugin `vagrant-vbguest`, but that line breaks the synchronisation between the guest and the host directories, other than with an explicit `vagrant rsync` (from host to guest).

Removing the line improves the experience of using the images hugely ;-)

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