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On 11/13/19 6:58 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hey folks!

Hey Adam!

> So as part of the 'xen -> ec2' criteria migration, I noticed that it's
> not really easy to find the appropriate AMIs for testing validation
> candidate composes in EC2. I decided to make that better!
> I've enhanced wikitcms to be capable of generating a template page
> containing AMI IDs for a given validation event, much like the page
> which has all the image download links in it. I tweaked the wiki
> validation instructions template to transclude that page in Cloud
> validation pages (but not other validation pages, to avoid clutter and
> confusion), and wrote a fedora-messaging consumer which should update
> the AMI info page every time a new AMI image is published for a
> validation candidate compose. So basically, when you look at the Cloud
> validation page, you should see some handy tables with all the relevant
> AMI IDs (and direct launch links).
> Here's how it looks for the current validation event:
> I hope it'll keep working as new validation events show up, I'll try
> and keep an eye on it.
> Note this gets its data from the messages published by fedimg, so it
> will *not* include any images *not* published by fedimg. This may
> become an issue when CoreOS becomes release blocking, I guess.

Yeah. There exists a side goal of not using fedimg in the future, but I think we would
probably try to keep the messages the same so this consumer would still work.

For Fedora CoreOS we are already uploading images in the new way and doing testing on them
using some automated tests, so I think we're good there for now.

> If anyone's interested in the implementation details here, the new
> consumer is in relvalconsumer:
> the other changes were in wikitcms:
> and the wiki release validation instructions template:
> Let me know if you see any problems or have any suggestions for this.
> thanks!

Thanks Adam!

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