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On 8/9/19 8:56 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hey folks! I'm starting a new thread for this to trim the recipient
> list a bit and include devel@ and coreos@.

Hey Adam!

> The Story So Far: there is a Fedora release criterion which requires
> Fedora to boot on Xen:
> "The release must boot successfully as Xen DomU with releases providing
> a functional, supported Xen Dom0 and widely used cloud providers
> utilizing Xen."
> We (QA group) had a discussion about removing this criterion entirely.
> That has now morphed into the idea that we should tweak it to be
> focused exclusively on the "widely used cloud providers utilizing
> Xen" which we mean EC2. At the time this criterion was invented,
> all EC2 instance types used Xen; now, some still use Xen, and some use
> KVM.
> So it seems like this would also be a good opportunity to revisit and
> nail down more specifically exactly what our cloud requirements are.
> bcotton suggested  that we require two sample instance types to be
> tested, c5.large (KVM) and t3.large (Xen). (I've also mailed Thomas
> Cameron, ex-of Red Hat, now of Amazon, for his opinion, as it seemed
> like it might be worthwhile - he's promised to get back to me).
> So, for now, let me propose this as a trial balloon: we rewrite the
> above criterion to say:
> "Release-blocking cloud disk images must be published to Amazon EC2 as
> AMIs, and these must boot successfully and meet other relevant release
> criteria on c5.large and t3.large instance types."

Sounds good to me if we trim it down to a few instance types that we think
will cover Xen and KVM based booting in EC2. For Fedora CoreOS we'll be doing
some automated testing in EC2. I don't know if we have a certain set of instance
types we'll be using for that, but the information that Matt provided should
help us decide.

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