Re: Disk crash - restoring from backup - no images or containers found

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On 2018-12-19 03:57, Daniel Walsh wrote:
On 12/17/18 7:26 PM, Philip Rhoades wrote:

On 2018-12-18 06:42, Daniel Walsh wrote:
On 12/15/18 11:12 PM, phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

After a catastrophic disk crash, on a new server, I restored these
directories from backup:


but after starting docker I get no images or containers listed -
what am I missing?



SELinux issues?

restorecon -R -v /etc /var/lib/

No unfortunately, I had/have SELinux disabled in both cases . . but
responses here is making progress:

Thanks for responding though!



Hopefully I can convince you to enable SELinux especially for container

I put in a reasonable effort to try and get SELinux going when it first appeared but it was too hard to get it working with stuff that I had to have working at the time - I think it was QMail that was the biggest problem (I am still committed to it and EZMLM) - so I have been routinely disabling SEL ever since . . I guess I should try again and actually work out how I can keep everything going with SEL active . .

Thanks for the prodding!


Philip Rhoades

PO Box 896
Cowra  NSW  2794
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