Re: Fedora Atomic Host Two Week Release Announcement: 29.20181210.0

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On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 10:07 PM <noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A new Fedora Atomic Host update is available via an OSTree update:

Version: 29.20181210.0
Commit(x86_64): 0232d115fa5f1d4609dcf2eb90de228ccb08dbad1134b30a555d92ae676bb92d
Commit(aarch64): 96281d24a61eaa25865dd7f79bea81886f5f24ef97c6610a5eb617d27c1bc432
Commit(ppc64le): 361f682d18e53af9947d36d21fb04100ecedb6870e48933f06289d6c48fe0878

We are releasing images from multiple architectures but please note
that x86_64 architecture is the only one that undergoes automated
testing at this time.

Existing systems can be upgraded in place via e.g. `atomic host upgrade`.

Corresponding image media for new installations can be downloaded from:

Alternatively, image artifacts can be found at the following links:

Respective signed CHECKSUM files can be found here:

For direct download, the "latest" targets are always available here:



Filename fetching URLs are available here:



For more information about the latest targets, please reference the Fedora
Atomic Wiki space.

Do note that it can take some of the mirrors up to 12 hours to "check-in" at
their own discretion.

Thank you,
Fedora Release Engineering

We are pleased to share that this release includes aarch64 AMIs as well. Its
support in AWS was announced very recently

An example of the diff between this and the previous released version (for x86_64) is:
ostree diff commit old: a10e5df10dd29683fd9b08df3cbd562b034768b4ca8ad52ba5c7620b789eb62c
ostree diff commit new: 0232d115fa5f1d4609dcf2eb90de228ccb08dbad1134b30a555d92ae676bb92d
  cockpit-bridge 182-1.fc29 -> 183-1.fc29
  cockpit-docker 182-1.fc29 -> 183-1.fc29
  cockpit-networkmanager 182-1.fc29 -> 183-1.fc29
  cockpit-system 182-1.fc29 -> 183-1.fc29
  cryptsetup 2.0.5-1.fc29 -> 2.0.6-1.fc29
  cryptsetup-libs 2.0.5-1.fc29 -> 2.0.6-1.fc29
  dracut 049-11.git20181024.fc29 -> 049-25.git20181204.fc29
  dracut-config-generic 049-11.git20181024.fc29 -> 049-25.git20181204.fc29
  dracut-network 049-11.git20181024.fc29 -> 049-25.git20181204.fc29
  fedora-release 29-3 -> 29-5
  fedora-release-atomichost 29-3 -> 29-5
  glibc 2.28-20.fc29 -> 2.28-23.fc29
  glibc-all-langpacks 2.28-20.fc29 -> 2.28-23.fc29
  glibc-common 2.28-20.fc29 -> 2.28-23.fc29
  gnupg2 2.2.9-1.fc29 -> 2.2.11-1.fc29
  gnupg2-smime 2.2.9-1.fc29 -> 2.2.11-1.fc29
  kernel 4.19.3-300.fc29 -> 4.19.6-300.fc29
  kernel-core 4.19.3-300.fc29 -> 4.19.6-300.fc29
  kernel-modules 4.19.3-300.fc29 -> 4.19.6-300.fc29
  libarchive 3.3.3-1.fc29 -> 3.3.3-2.fc29
  libgcrypt 1.8.3-3.fc29 -> 1.8.4-1.fc29
  libreport-filesystem 2.9.6-1.fc29 -> 2.9.7-1.fc29
  libsolv 0.7.1-1.fc29 -> 0.7.1-2.fc29
  libxcrypt 4.4.0-1.fc29 -> 4.4.1-1.fc29
  nettle 3.4-5.fc29 -> 3.4.1rc1-1.fc29
  nss 3.39.0-2.fc29 -> 3.40.1-1.0.fc29
  nss-softokn 3.39.0-2.fc29 -> 3.40.1-1.0.fc29
  nss-softokn-freebl 3.39.0-2.fc29 -> 3.40.1-1.0.fc29
  nss-sysinit 3.39.0-2.fc29 -> 3.40.1-1.0.fc29
  nss-util 3.39.0-2.fc29 -> 3.40.1-1.0.fc29
  pam 1.3.1-3.fc29 -> 1.3.1-8.fc29
  polkit 0.115-2.fc29 -> 0.115-4.1.fc29
  polkit-libs 0.115-2.fc29 -> 0.115-4.1.fc29
  python-pip-wheel 18.0-4.fc29 -> 18.1-1.fc29
  python2-pip 18.0-4.fc29 -> 18.1-1.fc29
  python3-gobject-base 3.30.2-1.fc29 -> 3.30.4-1.fc29
  python3-pip 18.0-4.fc29 -> 18.1-1.fc29
  runc ->
  shadow-utils 2:4.6-2.fc29 -> 2:4.6-4.fc29
  vim-minimal 2:8.1.527-1.fc29 -> 2:8.1.549-1.fc29
x86_64 AMIs are here:
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-1  ami-01a1a979eedb139a8  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-2  ami-07b5d0cd1e09c1f97  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-south-1      ami-07d637099dbbc7baf  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-1  ami-01869e59f160c2a8f  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-2  ami-0290694b417464c66  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ca-central-1    ami-0d4a4e0ece763cf4d  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  eu-central-1    ami-045b6673569dbf435  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  eu-west-1       ami-011b5a3ea7e037294  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  eu-west-2       ami-0b4da417be294f2d0  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  sa-east-1       ami-0820fdac8cc005164  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  us-east-1       ami-02221c5c80bb4675a  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  us-west-1       ami-06f96f7ac807cad66  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  us-west-2       ami-0fa24c8ff5d011f75  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-1  ami-0e443dd7833acffae  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-2  ami-0cecf0633abd5413a  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-south-1      ami-018058b5346fd9bd9  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-1  ami-084bb13cd64c92ef4  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-2  ami-041741639960ee671  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  ca-central-1    ami-082244737f42a2acc  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  eu-central-1    ami-0951f992c913217b1  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  eu-west-1       ami-0d4292e4e03bbd6d9  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  eu-west-2       ami-0f03bc174cc7aecfb  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  sa-east-1       ami-03111e924e8ea4e1f  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  us-east-1       ami-0a9d6aa0dd13b75b5  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  us-west-1       ami-06345b2f7a4569296  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.x86_64  us-west-2       ami-0218b08ff408e2024  hvm  gp2

aarch64 AMIs are here:
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.aarch64  us-east-1       ami-00213bfafd96949e4  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.aarch64  us-west-2       ami-0619fb886287080a1  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20181210.0.aarch64  eu-west-1       ami-0899a76b7173ccfa0  hvm  gp2

The Vagrant Cloud page with the new Atomic Host:

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