Re: Fedora Atomic Host Two Week Release Announcement: 28.20181007.0

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On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 7:04 PM <noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A new Fedora Atomic Host update is available via an OSTree update:

Version: 28.20181007.0
Commit(x86_64): 8df48fa2e70ad1952153ae00edbba08ed18b53c3d4095a22985d1085f5203ac6
Commit(aarch64): 6b8d55e59750cfe8e490dbfa63ab12ccdb0a231a4d58e1b074793dddb6c49648
Commit(ppc64le): 4a95f167ee4063556daf59e13b85f7d84fb1073db4150c8f3dd6a4a36c80523f

We are releasing images from multiple architectures but please note
that x86_64 architecture is the only one that undergoes automated
testing at this time.

Existing systems can be upgraded in place via e.g. `atomic host upgrade`.

Corresponding image media for new installations can be downloaded from:

Alternatively, image artifacts can be found at the following links:

Respective signed CHECKSUM files can be found here:

For direct download, the "latest" targets are always available here:



Filename fetching URLs are available here:



For more information about the latest targets, please reference the Fedora
Atomic Wiki space.

Do note that it can take some of the mirrors up to 12 hours to "check-in" at
their own discretion.

Thank you,
Fedora Release Engineering
This release will be most likely our last release of Fedora Atomic Host based on
Fedora 28 stream. Very soon Fedora 29 will be released [1] and we will be
picking up with our next release based on the Fedora 29 stream!

This release contains updated version of podman[2], cockpit[3] and kernel.

An example of the diff between this and the previous released version (for x86_64) is:

ostree diff commit old: 8b82902a0ca203645e9e288b8a0bbf9fe525749ec67cd674e6715daa64e5b7dd
ostree diff commit new: 8df48fa2e70ad1952153ae00edbba08ed18b53c3d4095a22985d1085f5203ac6
  bind-export-libs 32:9.11.4-5.P1.fc28 -> 32:9.11.4-10.P2.fc28
  ca-certificates 2018.2.24-1.0.fc28 -> 2018.2.26-1.0.fc28
  chrony 3.3-1.fc28 -> 3.4-1.fc28
  cockpit-bridge 177-1.fc28 -> 179-1.fc28
  cockpit-docker 177-1.fc28 -> 179-1.fc28
  cockpit-networkmanager 177-1.fc28 -> 179-1.fc28
  cockpit-system 177-1.fc28 -> 179-1.fc28
  container-selinux 2:2.73-1.gitd7a3f33.fc28 -> 2:2.73-2.gitd7a3f33.fc28
  elfutils-default-yama-scope 0.173-1.fc28 -> 0.174-1.fc28
  elfutils-libelf 0.173-1.fc28 -> 0.174-1.fc28
  elfutils-libs 0.173-1.fc28 -> 0.174-1.fc28
  glib2 2.56.1-4.fc28 -> 2.56.3-1.fc28
  glusterfs 4.1.4-1.fc28 -> 4.1.5-1.fc28
  glusterfs-client-xlators 4.1.4-1.fc28 -> 4.1.5-1.fc28
  glusterfs-fuse 4.1.4-1.fc28 -> 4.1.5-1.fc28
  glusterfs-libs 4.1.4-1.fc28 -> 4.1.5-1.fc28
  gnutls 3.6.3-4.fc28 -> 3.6.4-1.fc28
  iproute 4.17.0-3.fc28 -> 4.18.0-1.fc28
  iproute-tc 4.17.0-3.fc28 -> 4.18.0-1.fc28
  kernel 4.18.9-200.fc28 -> 4.18.11-200.fc28
  kernel-core 4.18.9-200.fc28 -> 4.18.11-200.fc28
  kernel-modules 4.18.9-200.fc28 -> 4.18.11-200.fc28
  libssh 0.8.2-1.fc28 -> 0.8.3-3.fc28
  libxcrypt 4.1.2-1.fc28 -> 4.2.1-3.fc28
  pcre2 10.31-11.fc28 -> 10.32-3.fc28
  podman 0.9.1-3.gitaba58d1.fc28 ->
  python2 2.7.15-2.fc28 -> 2.7.15-3.fc28
  python2-libs 2.7.15-2.fc28 -> 2.7.15-3.fc28
  vim-minimal 2:8.1.408-1.fc28 -> 2:8.1.450-1.fc28

The AMIs are here:
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-1  ami-0d82827bfed89aa1f  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-2  ami-0b3bea970abda1bce  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-south-1      ami-0b3314595acf878ce  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-1  ami-0c3fe73c1be722dd6  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-2  ami-0d31cd95ae42351fa  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ca-central-1    ami-0257cf323c5324b53  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  eu-central-1    ami-04a35c993f35066c4  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  eu-west-1       ami-0ba0840dbb9093769  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  eu-west-2       ami-04b2fb552e39e2d56  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  sa-east-1       ami-01518dff4de6c92d1  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  us-east-1       ami-090117ea3203b49fc  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  us-west-1       ami-0a96f1ed2f213067a  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  us-west-2       ami-023e2c5a9dda22e96  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-1  ami-08f3a1147b99c0a73  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-2  ami-0831955a0f2ad2f2e  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-south-1      ami-0769cb67febd26283  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-1  ami-0cd20036360c3217f  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-2  ami-0b2ff163e9d235872  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  ca-central-1    ami-0c05d720f6a8819c8  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  eu-central-1    ami-002f035c098ea9477  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  eu-west-1       ami-01ef76210ffb67eb5  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  eu-west-2       ami-030df1f0def16605f  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  sa-east-1       ami-0f5fc47e6349e3992  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  us-east-1       ami-095734cd6327f5b58  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  us-west-1       ami-087853b4ba4760da2  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20181007.0.x86_64  us-west-2       ami-06de28c30a01920ac  hvm  gp2

The Vagrant Cloud page with the new Atomic Host:

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