Re: [atomic-announce] Fedora Atomic Host Two Week Release Announcement: 28.20180708.0

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On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 8:28 PM, <noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A new Fedora Atomic Host update is available via an OSTree update:

Version: 28.20180708.0
Commit(x86_64): 5736e832b1fd59208465458265136fbe2aa4ba89517d8bdcc91bc84724f40a8e
Commit(aarch64): 4066f8e2f2f13709d0cf9a562a1f24cd2459bdc9f13e1ea1034a367586f79dac
Commit(ppc64le): a197bd8bfb8cf039e8f2cccf7f743cbb92dde30fffa6ccb0729f8ad13e757b17

We are releasing images from multiple architectures but please note
that x86_64 architecture is the only one that undergoes automated
testing at this time.

Existing systems can be upgraded in place via e.g. `atomic host upgrade`.

Corresponding image media for new installations can be downloaded from:

Alternatively, image artifacts can be found at the following links:

Respective signed CHECKSUM files can be found here:

For direct download, the "latest" targets are always available here:



Filename fetching URLs are available here:



For more information about the latest targets, please reference the Fedora
Atomic Wiki space.

Do note that it can take some of the mirrors up to 12 hours to "check-in" at
their own discretion.

Thank you,
Fedora Release Engineering

This release contains updated version of kernel, podman, ostree[2] and

Please note that if you are using ansible 2.6.0 or later version to create
OpenShift cluster using openshift-anisble, you may hit issue . Try some of the
workaround mentioned in the issue or switch to ansible-2.5.5 or older version.

An example of the diff between this and the previous released version (for x86_64) is:

ostree diff commit old: fbed0e26736fc189129f80e9547bfd71497377ca49f0cfd421f173667f5ea825
ostree diff commit new: 5736e832b1fd59208465458265136fbe2aa4ba89517d8bdcc91bc84724f40a8e
  bind-export-libs 32:9.11.3-6.fc28 -> 32:9.11.3-12.fc28
  cockpit-bridge 170-1.fc28 -> 171-1.fc28
  cockpit-docker 170-1.fc28 -> 171-1.fc28
  cockpit-networkmanager 170-1.fc28 -> 171-1.fc28
  cockpit-ostree 170-1.fc28 -> 171-1.fc28
  cockpit-system 170-1.fc28 -> 171-1.fc28
  container-selinux 2:2.63-1.git284f9e7.fc28 -> 2:2.65-1.gitbf5b26b.fc28
  criu 3.8.1-1.fc28 -> 3.9-1.fc28
  device-mapper 1.02.146-4.fc28 -> 1.02.146-5.fc28
  device-mapper-event 1.02.146-4.fc28 -> 1.02.146-5.fc28
  device-mapper-event-libs 1.02.146-4.fc28 -> 1.02.146-5.fc28
  device-mapper-libs 1.02.146-4.fc28 -> 1.02.146-5.fc28
  dnsmasq 2.79-1.fc28 -> 2.79-3.fc28
  efibootmgr 15-6.fc28 -> 16-2.fc28
  efivar 34-1.fc28 -> 35-1.fc28
  efivar-libs 34-1.fc28 -> 35-1.fc28
  elfutils-default-yama-scope 0.172-2.fc28 -> 0.173-1.fc28
  elfutils-libelf 0.172-2.fc28 -> 0.173-1.fc28
  elfutils-libs 0.172-2.fc28 -> 0.173-1.fc28
  firewalld 0.5.2-2.fc28 -> 0.5.3-2.fc28
  firewalld-filesystem 0.5.2-2.fc28 -> 0.5.3-2.fc28
  glusterfs 4.0.2-1.fc28 -> 4.1.1-1.fc28
  glusterfs-client-xlators 4.0.2-1.fc28 -> 4.1.1-1.fc28
  glusterfs-fuse 4.0.2-1.fc28 -> 4.1.1-1.fc28
  glusterfs-libs 4.0.2-1.fc28 -> 4.1.1-1.fc28
  grub2-common 1:2.02-34.fc28 -> 1:2.02-38.fc28
  grub2-efi-x64 1:2.02-34.fc28 -> 1:2.02-38.fc28
  grub2-pc 1:2.02-34.fc28 -> 1:2.02-38.fc28
  grub2-pc-modules 1:2.02-34.fc28 -> 1:2.02-38.fc28
  grub2-tools 1:2.02-34.fc28 -> 1:2.02-38.fc28
  grub2-tools-extra 1:2.02-34.fc28 -> 1:2.02-38.fc28
  grub2-tools-minimal 1:2.02-34.fc28 -> 1:2.02-38.fc28
  info 6.5-3.fc28 -> 6.5-4.fc28
  iproute 4.15.0-1.fc28 -> 4.16.0-1.fc28
  iproute-tc 4.15.0-1.fc28 -> 4.16.0-1.fc28
  kernel 4.17.2-200.fc28 -> 4.17.3-200.fc28
  kernel-core 4.17.2-200.fc28 -> 4.17.3-200.fc28
  kernel-modules 4.17.2-200.fc28 -> 4.17.3-200.fc28
  libsemanage 2.8-1.fc28 -> 2.8-2.fc28
  libsolv 0.6.34-1.fc28 -> 0.6.34-3.fc28
  libsss_idmap 1.16.2-1.fc28 -> 1.16.2-4.fc28
  libsss_nss_idmap 1.16.2-1.fc28 -> 1.16.2-4.fc28
  libsss_sudo 1.16.2-1.fc28 -> 1.16.2-4.fc28
  libxcrypt 4.0.1-1.fc28 -> 4.0.1-3.fc28
  libzstd 1.3.4-1.fc28 -> 1.3.5-1.fc28
  lsof 4.89-8.fc28 -> 4.89-9.fc28
  lvm2 2.02.177-4.fc28 -> 2.02.177-5.fc28
  lvm2-libs 2.02.177-4.fc28 -> 2.02.177-5.fc28
  oci-systemd-hook 1:0.1.16-1.git05bd9a0.fc28 -> 1:0.1.17-1.git87fb61e.fc28
  openssh 7.7p1-3.fc28 -> 7.7p1-5.fc28
  openssh-clients 7.7p1-3.fc28 -> 7.7p1-5.fc28
  openssh-server 7.7p1-3.fc28 -> 7.7p1-5.fc28
  ostree 2018.5-1.fc28 -> 2018.6-4.fc28
  ostree-grub2 2018.5-1.fc28 -> 2018.6-4.fc28
  ostree-libs 2018.5-1.fc28 -> 2018.6-4.fc28
  pcre2 10.31-4.fc28 -> 10.31-5.fc28
  podman 0.6.3-1.gitcd39b62.fc28 -> 0.6.5-1.git9d97bd6.fc28
  python2-libsemanage 2.8-1.fc28 -> 2.8-2.fc28
  python3-babel 2.5.1-2.fc28 -> 2.5.3-1.fc28
  python3-firewall 0.5.2-2.fc28 -> 0.5.3-2.fc28
  python3-libsemanage 2.8-1.fc28 -> 2.8-2.fc28
  python3-sssdconfig 1.16.2-1.fc28 -> 1.16.2-4.fc28
  rpm-ostree 2018.5-1.fc28 -> 2018.6-2.fc28
  rpm-ostree-libs 2018.5-1.fc28 -> 2018.6-2.fc28
  shared-mime-info 1.9-3.fc28 -> 1.10-1.fc28
  shim-x64 13-4 -> 15-2
  sos 3.5.1-1.fc28 -> 3.6-2.fc28
  sssd-client 1.16.2-1.fc28 -> 1.16.2-4.fc28
  strace 4.22-1.fc28 -> 4.23-1.fc28
  sudo 1.8.22-0.2.b1.fc28 -> 1.8.23-1.fc28
  vim-minimal 2:8.1.055-1.fc28 -> 2:8.1.119-2.fc28

The AMIs are here:
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-1  ami-0ec81650fdaaa6bfb  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-2  ami-014c4ab36fdf1995c  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-south-1      ami-044fc0d4b45f9e960  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-1  ami-05ef26c50aed26717  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-2  ami-0e2b95a0a6ba40bc6  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ca-central-1    ami-01f671df31846d027  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  eu-central-1    ami-0e1e3859fc5f46513  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  eu-west-1       ami-06f4a05386a0d8316  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  eu-west-2       ami-0b3b9b4c637c8fd74  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  sa-east-1       ami-0e1399a91de00d9e8  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  us-east-1       ami-0aa16c7b4bf06d509  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  us-west-1       ami-0324ec86130a35c04  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  us-west-2       ami-0c3257b018a23d7cc  hvm  standard
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-1  ami-022ebce94a63dd133  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-northeast-2  ami-0e8bee83bf980b07a  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-south-1      ami-05f5a36e6143525ed  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-1  ami-0950afca1bf025b3d  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ap-southeast-2  ami-0553c1c315162070a  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  ca-central-1    ami-0508d8a0bcbf253cf  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  eu-central-1    ami-07717b3c49f85fd49  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  eu-west-1       ami-03025bf7ee7e64b79  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  eu-west-2       ami-0919f0c36b688b923  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  sa-east-1       ami-05f36ff127d962986  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  us-east-1       ami-0a77f497d32491f1c  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  us-west-1       ami-039b6fff56357c1bc  hvm  gp2
Fedora-AtomicHost-28-20180709.0.x86_64  us-west-2       ami-08a7db6e4efae2904  hvm  gp2

The Vagrant Cloud page with the new atomic host:

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