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My name is Joe Doss and I want to help the Fedora Cloud SIG bring more frequent tested releases of Fedora Cloud it's user base. The goal of this project is to provide more frequent updates of Fedora Cloud to users on a set cadence or on a case per case basis for major security events.

One major pain point that Fedora Cloud currently faces is the fact that once a new Fedora release comes out, the cloud images are no longer updated over time. This brings a poor user experience if bugs that are fixed later on in the current release cycle but are painful on the first boot of a Fedora Cloud instance until the user updates the instance.

I reached out to Dusty Mabe and he agreed to mentor me on this project along with help from Kellin and Mohan.

The current ideas on the table for bringing this project to light are:

* Standardize and improve Fedora Cloud tests
* Create a Fedora Cloud test day for these updates to help improve tests
* Set a release cadence policy post Fedora Release
* Set a security update policy for major security updates

We will create issues under and try to get this project rolling by Fedora 30 at the latest. Any comments or suggestions on this topic are very welcome.


Joe Doss
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