Fedora AWS Resource IDs migrates to longer format

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In February 2018, AWS announced the migration of Resource IDs to
longer format. Post June 2018, all the new resources will be created
with longer IDs by default.[1]

This email is to announce that the Fedora AMIs has been migrated to
the longer resource IDs format. The new format will migrate from the
current 8-character string to a 17-character string. For example, if
the AMI IDs are like "ami-1234abc0", post the migration the AMI IDs
would be like "ami-1234567890abcdef0".

If you have any questions, drop an email to the list or drop in
#fedora-atomic or #fedora-cloud on Freenode IRC.

[1] https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2018/02/longer-format-resource-ids-are-now-available-in-amazon-ec2/

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