Re: Fedora Atomic Host Two Week Release Announcement: 27.122

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On 04/19/2018 05:55 PM, noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> A new Fedora Atomic Host update is available via an OSTree update:
> Version: 27.122
> Commit(x86_64): 931ebb3941fc49af706ac5a90ad3b5a493be4ae35e85721dabbfd966b1ecbf99
> Commit(aarch64): 837cd0c5e3a5656316ebf6142315ac107c8592d5c8d64a02e8a62919eee9f46f
> Commit(ppc64le): a1f565d73f1f1b6f6d7ef992251f21a704c4a8de40c41fc62be69c5ec2a65329
> We are releasing images from multiple architectures but please note
> that x86_64 architecture is the only one that undergoes automated
> testing at this time.
> Existing systems can be upgraded in place via e.g. `atomic host upgrade`.
> Corresponding image media for new installations can be downloaded from:
> Alternatively, image artifacts can be found at the following links:
> Respective signed CHECKSUM files can be found here:
> For direct download, the "latest" targets are always available here:
> Filename fetching URLs are available here:
> For more information about the latest targets, please reference the Fedora
> Atomic Wiki space.
> Do note that it can take some of the mirrors up to 12 hours to "check-in" at
> their own discretion.
> Thank you,
> Fedora Release Engineering

Hi everyone!

We apologize for the delay in getting this release out the door. As a
bonus for the wait we have AMIs that are available in additional regions
(ap-northeast-2, ap-south-1). We'll be adding additional regions (the
remaining missing regions) next release.

Additionally, this will most likely be our last release of Fedora 27 Atomic
Host. Very soon Fedora 28 will be released and we will be picking up with
our releases in the Fedora 28 stream. We will have plenty of announcements
and content around Fedora 28 release time so watch this space for that!

An example of the diff between this and the previous released version
(for x86_64) is:

ostree diff commit old:
ostree diff commit new:
  GeoIP-GeoLite-data 2018.01-1.fc27 -> 2018.04-1.fc27
  chrony 3.2-1.fc27 -> 3.3-1.fc27
  cockpit-bridge 164-1.fc27 -> 165-1.fc27
  cockpit-docker 164-1.fc27 -> 165-1.fc27
  cockpit-networkmanager 164-1.fc27 -> 165-1.fc27
  cockpit-ostree 164-1.fc27 -> 165-1.fc27
  cockpit-system 164-1.fc27 -> 165-1.fc27
  container-selinux 2:2.52-1.fc27 -> 2:2.55-1.fc27
  criu 3.7-3.fc27 -> 3.8.1-1.fc27
  dnsmasq 2.78-6.fc27 -> 2.79-1.fc27
  docker 2:1.13.1-44.git584d391.fc27 -> 2:1.13.1-51.git4032bd5.fc27
  docker-common 2:1.13.1-44.git584d391.fc27 -> 2:1.13.1-51.git4032bd5.fc27
  docker-rhel-push-plugin 2:1.13.1-44.git584d391.fc27 -> 2:1.13.1-51.git4032bd5.fc27
  glusterfs 3.12.6-2.fc27 -> 3.12.8-1.fc27
  glusterfs-client-xlators 3.12.6-2.fc27 -> 3.12.8-1.fc27
  glusterfs-fuse 3.12.6-2.fc27 -> 3.12.8-1.fc27
  glusterfs-libs 3.12.6-2.fc27 -> 3.12.8-1.fc27
  gnupg2 2.2.5-1.fc27 -> 2.2.6-1.fc27
  gnupg2-smime 2.2.5-1.fc27 -> 2.2.6-1.fc27
  grubby 8.40-7.fc27 -> 8.40-8.fc27
  kernel 4.15.10-300.fc27 -> 4.15.17-300.fc27
  kernel-core 4.15.10-300.fc27 -> 4.15.17-300.fc27
  kernel-modules 4.15.10-300.fc27 -> 4.15.17-300.fc27
  krb5-libs 1.15.2-7.fc27 -> 1.15.2-8.fc27
  libblkid 2.30.2-2.fc27 -> 2.30.2-3.fc27
  libfdisk 2.30.2-2.fc27 -> 2.30.2-3.fc27
  libidn 1.33-4.fc27 -> 1.34-1.fc27
  libidn2 2.0.4-3.fc27 -> 2.0.4-4.fc27
  libmount 2.30.2-2.fc27 -> 2.30.2-3.fc27
  libreport-filesystem 2.9.3-2.fc27 -> 2.9.3-3.fc27
  libsmartcols 2.30.2-2.fc27 -> 2.30.2-3.fc27
  libsolv 0.6.33-1.fc27 -> 0.6.34-1.fc27
  libsss_idmap 1.16.1-1.fc27 -> 1.16.1-2.fc27
  libsss_nss_idmap 1.16.1-1.fc27 -> 1.16.1-2.fc27
  libsss_sudo 1.16.1-1.fc27 -> 1.16.1-2.fc27
  libtirpc 1.0.3-0.fc27 -> 1.0.3-1.fc27
  libuuid 2.30.2-2.fc27 -> 2.30.2-3.fc27
  libzstd 1.3.3-1.fc27 -> 1.3.4-1.fc27
  nmap-ncat 2:7.60-7.fc27 -> 2:7.60-8.fc27
  openssl 1:1.1.0g-1.fc27 -> 1:1.1.0h-3.fc27
  openssl-libs 1:1.1.0g-1.fc27 -> 1:1.1.0h-3.fc27
  ostree 2018.2-1.fc27 -> 2018.3-2.fc27
  ostree-grub2 2018.2-1.fc27 -> 2018.3-2.fc27
  ostree-libs 2018.2-1.fc27 -> 2018.3-2.fc27
  passwd 0.79-12.fc27 -> 0.80-2.fc27
  pcre 8.41-6.fc27 -> 8.42-1.fc27
  pcre2 10.31-3.fc27 -> 10.31-4.fc27
  policycoreutils 2.7-5.fc27 -> 2.7-6.fc27
  policycoreutils-python 2.7-5.fc27 -> 2.7-6.fc27
  policycoreutils-python-utils 2.7-5.fc27 -> 2.7-6.fc27
  policycoreutils-python3 2.7-5.fc27 -> 2.7-6.fc27
  publicsuffix-list-dafsa 20180223-1.fc27 -> 20180328-1.fc27
  python2-pip 9.0.1-14.fc27 -> 9.0.3-1.fc27
  python3 3.6.4-9.fc27 -> 3.6.5-1.fc27
  python3-jwt 1.5.3-1.fc27 -> 1.6.1-1.fc27
  python3-libs 3.6.4-9.fc27 -> 3.6.5-1.fc27
  python3-pip 9.0.1-14.fc27 -> 9.0.3-1.fc27
  python3-sssdconfig 1.16.1-1.fc27 -> 1.16.1-2.fc27
  python3-websocket-client 0.40.0-2.fc27 -> 0.47.0-1.fc27
  rpm-ostree 2018.3-1.fc27 -> 2018.4-1.fc27
  rpm-ostree-libs 2018.3-1.fc27 -> 2018.4-1.fc27
  selinux-policy 3.13.1-283.28.fc27 -> 3.13.1-283.30.fc27
  selinux-policy-targeted 3.13.1-283.28.fc27 -> 3.13.1-283.30.fc27
  skopeo 0.1.28-1.git0270e56.fc27 -> 0.1.29-1.git7add6fc.fc27
  skopeo-containers 0.1.28-1.git0270e56.fc27 -> 0.1.29-1.git7add6fc.fc27
  sqlite-libs 3.20.1-1.fc27 -> 3.20.1-2.fc27
  sssd-client 1.16.1-1.fc27 -> 1.16.1-2.fc27
  strace 4.21-1.fc27 -> 4.22-1.fc27
  tzdata 2018c-1.fc27 -> 2018d-1.fc27
  util-linux 2.30.2-2.fc27 -> 2.30.2-3.fc27
  vim-minimal 2:8.0.1573-1.fc27 -> 2:8.0.1704-1.fc27

The Vagrant Cloud page with the new atomic host:

The AMIs for this release are here:

Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 us-west-2        ami-a87718d0 hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 us-west-1        ami-e69e8c86 hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 us-east-1        ami-5ab51925 hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 sa-east-1        ami-1197c77d hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 eu-west-1        ami-924a6aeb hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 eu-central-1     ami-20f6d3cb hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-southeast-2   ami-b60ec5d4 hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-southeast-1   ami-6007251c hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-south-1       ami-2343654c hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-northeast-2   ami-5046e83e hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-northeast-1   ami-f1100b8d hvm standard
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 us-west-2        ami-7f751a07 hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 us-west-1        ami-3b998b5b hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 us-east-1        ami-4eb01c31 hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 sa-east-1        ami-d99cccb5 hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 eu-west-1        ami-6c4c6c15 hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 eu-central-1     ami-b1f7d25a hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-southeast-2   ami-c901caab hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-southeast-1   ami-ad0527d1 hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-south-1       ami-ac4c6ac3 hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-northeast-2   ami-a146e8cf hvm gp2
Fedora-Atomic-27-20180419.0.x86_64 ap-northeast-1   ami-b2170cce hvm gp2

Fedora Atomic Host Working Group


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