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Muayyad AlSadi <alsadi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> hi,
> amazon ec2 have a new type c5
> fedora is not available on that

c5 instances require ENA support and it seems we don't claim it while
creating AMIs (but we actually do have 'CONFIG_ENA_ETHERNET=m' enabled)
I'm not sure about the tooling used but in case it is aws-cli there is a
special '--ena-support' key to 'aws ec2 register-image':

aws ec2 register-image --region .. --name 'fedora-...' --architecture x86_64 --root-device-name '/dev/sda1' --virtualization-type hvm --ena-support --block-device-mappings "[{\"DeviceName\": \"/dev/sda1\",\"Ebs\":{\"SnapshotId\":\"snap-xxxxxxx\"}}]

This is not only a C5 issue, ENA is available for other instance types

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