Re: FYI: rawhide ostrees not building because of dep issues

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> On 07/19/2017 04:12 AM, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 4:28 AM, Dusty Mabe <dusty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Bug is already filed against the correct component. This is just an FYI.
>> You've got the wrong end of the stick, nothing provides
>> because xen was moved to 4.9 and hence qemu, and
>> probably libvirt and others, needs to be rebuilt against it.
> So is it not a bug against qemu to do the update and rebuild?

You worded it differently to that, it was a known problem, they were
having issues rebuilding due to the breakage in s390x, so it was
already in progress.
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