[atomic-wg] Issue #299: Concerns related to enabling Atomic Host CloudImages compose in Rawhide for multi-arches

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walters added a new comment to an issue you are following:
There are some tricky details here...is `$(uname -i`) actually equivalent to the architecture name we use elsewhere?  I *think* it is for ppc64 and aarch64, but offhand I think one corner case is `i386` (RPM) vs kernel (`i686`).
I think we need to use the RPM architecture?

Hm, Pungi has this:
    "i386": "athlon",
    "ppc64": "ppc64p7",
    "sparc": "sparc64v",
    "arm": "armv7l",
    "armhfp": "armv7hnl",


which um...I dunno what's going on there.

Anyways, I think we've already decided that the ostree refs use`${basearch}` (which is ultimately from libdnf, which should match dnf/yum), since rpm-ostree learned to substitute that.  

I think it's worth pointing a pungi developer at this thread and see what they think.  But...it shouldn't be *too* hard to do this substitution in Anaconda either.

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