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> Hi,
> as you might have noticed, I'm quite inactive for some time. Things 
> changed, new job etc. I decided to leave Fedora by end of the year, so 
> my packages need a new maintainer or I'll orphan them. Most of them are 
> astropy related. Same for the Spin/Lab, unfortunately I was unable to 
> fix it for Fedora 39 so it already missed a release.

Thank you Christian for all the work you've done so far. I understand that priority changes and I wish you good luck in the hope, perhaps, to see you back in a not too distant future!

> Packages:
> libindi

I have been updating it lately, so I'd happy to take that.

> libfli (required by indi-fli driver)

This can be retired, as it has been replaced by indi-3rdparty-libfli (from indi-3rdparty-libraries).

> astrometry
> astrometry-tycho2

Happy to take those as well, if no one steps up before.

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